In DIHAG HOLDING GmbH, eleven traditional foundries have joined together to form a highly productive corporate group. Under the joint holding umbrella, each subsidiary operates independently as a specialist in their respective market segment. All companies share a common goal: technology leadership with the highest quality and greatest flexibility.
New ideas and solutions are constantly created through know-how transfer and cooperation between the DIHAG companies. Together the group uses synergies in investment planning, material procurement and marketing. A very wide and highly developed overall offering is therefore available to the DIHAG group's customers.


Diversification and Innovation:
The world’s largest ship propeller, hubs for wind turbines or couplings for railway carriages – DIHAG castings are found everywhere where technological excellence and pioneering innovation are needed. As one of the largest European foundry groups, DIHAG group produces around 170,000 tons sophisticated castings.

Globally successful and market-leading customers appreciate our competence along the value chain, from the design to the finishing of castings.
For our customers and our quality requirements, it is important to be sure, that our employees are highly qualified and know what matters in the various production processes.
We continuously work on developing technically and economically optimal products. Our clients know and rely on our high standards of quality.
This is also reflected in the steadily evolving relations we have established with our clients over the past years.
Over the past decades numerous foundries were consolidated under the name of DIHAG by way of acquisition and affiliation. These subsidiaries, each steeped in tradition, are continuously being expanded. State of the art manufacturing technology and highly qualified employees are the foundation of our success. We strive to be well positioned today and in the future. Since 2007 we have already funded our group with investments totaling 210 million Euros and will continue to do so consistently. The transfer of know-how and co-operations among the DIHAG associations create a steady output of new ideas and solutions.
As a financially sound partner DIHAG HOLDING will continue to invest in the equipment of its plants and the education of its employees. Newest technologies and highly qualified employees are essential to meeting our standards of quality and achieving our goal, namely, perfection in detail. Working side by side with our clients, while providing our own experience, drive and devotion, we see to it that each mutual project is brought to its ideal and successful realization. Thus, our future emphasis remains on continuous growth and a significant increase in revenue.